Saturday, January 1, 2011

Happy New Year

Happy New Year!!!

New Years Resolutions suck in my opinion.
If you really want to do something to better yourself, shouldn't you start by NOT putting it off until the first of the year?

OK, I will stop preaching and admit that I am just as guilty.

Every year I try and make a resolution. Go on a diet, make better choices, try and make some extra money, cut coupons... all that typical stuff that everyone says EVERY year.

My family (just the four of us), have been in the mountains for the last couple of days. There is nothing like quality family time in my opinion. Isn't it funny how true this is, yet we tend to forget it until we actually take the time to do it again?

So this New Year, I vow to make more moments like these. I vow to be the best mom and wife I can be. To be there for my husband and be his rock. To cuddle with my kids, no matter how big they are getting. To put down the bottle of Windex and realize that my three-year-old is showing me something that he thinks is completely amazing, and treasure the look on his face. To come to this blog and write down all of the silly things they say, to add all of the silly pictures, and to take way more video of them. They will only be this small once. It's time to sit down and forget about the tivo. It's family time.

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